My Journey to get a Data Science Job as a Fresher. No Scenes Cut!

Recently, I got offered a job as a Data Scientist at a real estate startup. Getting a data science job is never a straight forward process. Let me uncover for you my story on how I achieved this milestone, and what exactly happens behind the scenes (what a domain name promotion) in one's journey towards being a data scientist. I would not tell you to exactly follow the path I took. There were a lot of good and not-so-good materials I encountered along the way. In the end, I'll brief out an all-good path for you to achieve a data science job much before I did. Till then just hear my story out, it'll be messy, ain't real life a mess? Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I was enrolled in a bachelor's course majoring in Computer Science from a not-so-reputed university. Yes, I wasn't exposed to any kind of overwhelming tech culture, research facilities even if they exist were in their infancies. I want to start this by making a concrete point. Yo
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